Campingaz CV470 3-Pack All Season Cartridges


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The Campingaz® CV470 Plus All Season gas cartridge 3-pack contains a high-performance isobutane/propane mix, offering improved year-round performance down as low as -10°C, even as the cartridge nears empty.

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This cartridge will connect with Campingaz® Easy Clic™ Plus appliances and features a self-sealing safety valve - simply push and turn the device onto the cartridge until you hear a click for a secure and tight connection.

Campingaz® CV Plus cartridges can be removed and re-attached, even if not yet empty - an ideal solution if you need to operate multiple devices or if you transport your cartridge separately from the stove between uses. CV Plus cartridges are available in over 50 countries Europe-wide and are compatible with Campingaz® single and double burner stoves as well as Party Grills and Attitude 2Go BBQs.


Contains 540g Gas mix: 85% Isobutane / 15% Pro

Size (without cap): ø 9 x 10.5 cm

Weight: 710 g

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